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Resort & Casino  Turnaround

Using Psychographics  

A resort and casino in the Pacific Northwest with a full service spa, high tech meeting spaces, six restaurants, four bars, entertainment, 18 hole golf course and the excitement of casino nightlife with table games, slots, keno, poker was struggling with a flailing marketing program. Thrive Marketing Science was brought in to address this and increase revenue and profit via  analytics and marketing.


Higher Customer Acquisition Rate


Revenue Increase


Decrease In Advertising Spend

About The Client


Industry: Gaming & Hospitality

Company Size: 200 rooms; 1,200 Slots; 30 Table Games, a Spa, Six F & B Outlets, One 18-Hole Golf Course & An Entertainment Venue

Location: Pacific Northwest

Focus: Tech Stack, Digital Marketing, Website Design, Psychographic Profiling & Predictive Modeling

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A Native American casino in the Northwest was losing market share to a competing property – in large part due to being over an hour further away from the feeder city population compared to their primary competitor. The casino had several failed customer acquisition attempts that were costly and ineffective. Identifying prospects with a risk-taking personality profile and a propensity to game was a particular challenge.


The casino’s database was analyzed and segmented using multiple variables using the Thrive Marketing Science selected marketing tech stack including CRM &  marketing automation software. The highest revenue and profit yielding customers were identified and psychographic data points were appended to their records. Correlations between lifestyle characteristics and customer value were identified and prospects were profiled and acquired by leveraging this data. Predictive modeling techniques were used to develop customized offer sets that would provide the highest response and revenue. The customer acquisition campaign was tested and launched with control groups held.


Customer acquisition campaign response rate was 9x higher than previous campaigns and generated 42% more revenue than their previous highest performing acquisition campaign. In addition, insights gained from psychographic profiling allowed the property to pull out of expensive publication advertising and invest in less costly, niche publications resulting in a 27% decrease in advertising spend with no negative revenue impact.

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