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Furniture Outlet Uses Inbound Marketing To Boost Revenue

A large-scale furniture outlet  started using Inbound Marketing techniques and within six months, they increased his content output, boosted his online presence… and created the revenue boost of a lifetime.


Increase in


New sales leads
per month


ROI from landing high profit clients

The Furniture Outlet Had Obstacles to Producing Relevant Content Quickly


Because of the intimate nature of this industry, the key to success is attracting and winning a big name client that will generate excellent long-term revenue opportunities. The President of the company knew that to land and retain clients, excellent, valuable communication is vital.

The furniture outlets main challenge was to produce relevant content quickly. The tools he was using were slow and frustrating. For example, the company had to follow a multi-day process to make a landing page - they had to create a lead capture form using his email marketing software provider and then mail the code to his Wordpress designer to load up on to his website.

The furniture outlet heard about Thrive Marketing Science at a marketing mastery group in the US and decided to learn as much as possible about Inbound Marketing techniques. After one year of receiving Thrive Marketing Science's inbound marketing tips, the company felt the time was right to give the firm a try.

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CRM Sales & Marketing Tools Helped Increase Site Visitors and Quadruple Leads

Once the furniture outlet was up and running, the made the most of their new CRM sales and marketing tools. For example, the team used the Blogging platform to create a high volume of useful and informative blogs on sales tips and techniques for retail furniture stores. He was now able to get a landing page up and running himself without relying on web designers, which used to cost him days. He had gained full control of his marketing through HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing platform. Thomas says HubSpot helped motivate him to create more targeted content. The SEO tools in Marketing Hub prompted him to enter keywords with every blog post and warned him if he hadn’t completed the keywords correctly.

The team also loves working with the platform's Email, Landing Pages and Call to Action tools. “You create them once, and you can reuse them all the time,” says a key executive at the company. “If you do your marketing yourself if you don’t want to depend on a web designer for your stuff to go out, and if you’re in a very personal B2B situation where you know your leads, they platform gives you more control.”

To measure their activities, the company uses the Marketing Analytics Software. “The dashboard is excellent. You can always see where you stand compared to your goal and where you were last month or last year.” The furniture outlet had set goals to double the number of monthly unique visitors to his website and increase his leads to 20 per month (from 3 – 5 per month) within six months. The company had achieved his goal within a couple of months, so they doubled their targets.

Moreover, their hard work paid off when one day he received a long-anticipated phone call...

The White Whale

A few months after using Thrive Marketing Science's inbound marketing tools, the elusive large-scale furniture outlet prospect that the furniture outlet had been trying to capture for over a year finally got in touch. “Someone who wasn’t interested a year ago rang me and said, “When can we arrange a meeting? We need to talk!”

The prospective client had found the furniture outlet through a Google search on a common industry problem they were having. They found a blog the outlet had written on the topic (‘Does mystery shopping make sense?’) and saw the company as a thought leader. “He got on our (blog) and website and spent four hours reading all of our articles, then printed them out and put them on his bosses desk and sent them to everyone else in the company. The rest is history,” explains the President of the furniture outlet.

That one big customer brought in a revenue of $300,000 per month which translated to over 1,000% ROI for the outlet's investment in Thrive Marketing Science. Also, there’s an even higher lifetime revenue value for that customer.



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